Using the Contour Buddy Wheel system.


Outboard wheels – Adjust the Outboard wheels up as far as possible to allow the header to ride on the cutterbar or skid shoes. The outboard wheels may help keep the ends of the header from digging as severe when going through draws at angles. Inboard wheels – Remove the inboard wheels by pulling the pin or bolt that hold the axle stubs in the axle tube. The remainder of the framework can be left in place. Factory Rear Dual Transport wheels – Place them in the highest position so they do not contact the ground.


Adjust the header tilt back to so it is in the A-B range on the indicator.
Inboard wheels – lower the wheels to obtain the desired cutting height in the middle of the header. Height can be fine-tuned by adjusting the tilt back (slightly higher) or forward (lower). Try to keep the center link in the A-B range to allow as much forward tilt as possible to pick up down crop.
Outboard wheels – Once the inboard wheels are set to the desired cut height adjust the outboard wheels to obtain the same height at the ends of the header.
Factory Rear Dual Transport wheels – Place them in the highest position so they do not contact the ground. With the Contour Buddy Wheel system, you DO NOT use the factory dual wheels for ground support in pulses or cereals.

There are several factors that should be kept in mind when adjusting both inboard and outboard wheels.

1) Header Roll Rolling the header forward and backward (from A to D) will affect the cutting height. A suggestion is to set the wheel adjustments so that when you roll the header forward to C or D you are able to pick up downed crop. Then when rolled back to A or B, normal cutting height is restored.

2) Height control It is recommended that you always set normal or average operating height control to #2 on the height control gauge. As the header and combine move throughout the field, the sensor requires some range of motion on each side of “middle #2 setting” in order for the combine auto height computer system to operate properly.

3) Header Float This should be set the same as for cutting on the ground and does not need to be changed. Refer to the header operator’s manual to adjust it properly per the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is very important that this is adjusted properly.

**Note: When operating with the Contour Buddy System it is very important that the Header Float and Flex are set correctly and unlocked, and that the Automatic Header Height Control is calibrated and operational. Failure to do so may result in header damage!**